Quick Ways to Earn Bitcoins Without Investments

Undoubtedly, Bitcoin is the king of cryptocurrencies. Every crypto enthusiast would want to invest in Bitcoins. Despite the demand and the rapidly fluctuating nature of the crypto market, every crypto enthusiast wants to earn more and more bitcoins. And of course, the price of 1 BTC isn’t cheap at all.

If you want to get hold of some Bitcoins for your portfolio but you don’t have any amount to invest, don’t worry. Here are some quick ways by which you can earn bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies without investing a penny. So, get ready to gather some extra wealth in 2020.

Buy or Earn?

If you have some funds to invest, it is always a better decision to buy some Bitcoins. This is usually a more profitable way of gathering Bitcoins. However, in case you don’t have any immediate funding, you can still earn Bitcoins. There are a number of ways to do so although they are not very as profitable as return from investments. With a bit of consistency and patience, you can definitely grow your crypto assets. Thus, find a balance between both: buy and earn!

Videos and Ads

One of the simplest and effortless ways of earning BTC is by using Bitcoin Faucets. For those who don’t know what that means, bitcoin faucets are a reward system made like an app or a website. You have to complete tasks on the website to earn the reward in the form of Satoshi. Satoshi is a hundredth of a millionth BTC.

The next question, what are the tasks you need to perform? Here’s your answer: Solving captchas, playing games, watching videos or clicking ads are the simple tasks usually involved. For every task you fulfill, you earn some portion of Bitcoins.

Some famous bitcoin faucets are Bittube, AdBTC, Multi Faucet, and Cointiply. This is an effortless and less stressful means of earning Bitcoins with zero investment. But of course, the rewards are quite small amounts and this is not a very efficient method if you have a full-time job. You will be required to…

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