Qtum Blockchain Accepted as Google Cloud Partner

In a landmark achievement for the platform, Qtum has been accepted as the official Google Cloud partner. The announcement came via a tweet on Thursday.

The blockchain space has witnessed a tremendous push especially after the crypto markets collapsed in 2018. Venture capitals poured over $5 billion in blockchain start-ups last year, as focus shifted from cryptocurrencies to the blockchain. This resulted in a number of use cases emerging in the market, majorly due to the need to push mass adoption. Qtum was one of the blockchain platforms which benefitted during this trend.

Qtum is a decentralized platform, which runs smart contracts based on the proof-of-stake consensus. The platform has been growing steadily, with as quite a few platforms including crypto wallets and traditional retailers accepting Qtum token as a valid payment instrument. The platform recently partnered with Starbucks, which is further expected to push its development.

Qtum is one of those rare tokens which had managed to stay relatively stable when the markets kept falling apart. Commenting on the new partnership with Google, Miguel Palencia, Qtum CIO, said,

Google Cloud is the perfect partner to help us make the blockchain ecosystem simpler and more intuitive. Where launching a node was once an intensive and complex process, Qtum’s new developer suite introduces helpful shortcuts and tools to make it faster and easier. With a more accessible technology, we hope to open up and expand the Qtum community to include people with a broader range of experience — from experts to the everyday user.

Qtum has launched a number of developer tools in partnership with Google Cloud, which is free to use. These…

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