Putin Is Helping Bernie Sanders but Not for the Reason You Think

  • Russia is interfering to help Bernie Sanders as well as Donald Trump in 2020.
  • Many are speculating that this is because Vladimir Putin believes Sanders cannot possibly beat Trump.
  • The reality is far more subtle and centers around the Vermont Senator’s views on NATO.

Russia loves interfering with U.S. elections. This is a fact confirmed by almost every single U.S. intelligence department and anyone with access to a Twitter account. The latest effort from Vladimir Putin and his legion of hackers is to continue helping Trump, but curiously they are also helping Bernie Sanders. Interestingly, it’s probably not what you think.

Putin Likes Sanders For More Than Just Securing Trump’s Re-Election

President Trump is extremely confident that he can beat Bernie Sanders in a general election. This is a fact proven by his continuous support for Sanders on social media, despite their very different views on politics.


This makes it extremely useful to Russia if Bernie is the Democratic nominee. But this is still not the most attractive thing about Sanders to Putin.

The Russian leader loves Trump mainly because they share a hatred for international organizations. Russia might not like the sanctions imposed upon them, but they haven’t had any impact on the current administration’s grip on power.

All potential U.S. presidential candidates will maintain sanctions, so it’s merely a case of picking the candidates who push back the least against Russian aggression.

DNC Establishment Candidates Are Likely To Expand NATO; Bernie Won’t

Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg, the only realistic challengers to Bernie Sanders (if you exclude Mike Bloomberg after his horrendous debate in Nevada), are as entrenched in the democratic establishment as you can get.

Both moderate candidates are pro-Nato expansion, meaning Bosnia & Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Georgia, and Ukraine could join, leaving Putin with more NATO troops massing on his border.

Bernie Sanders…

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