Publicly Traded Firms Launch New Mining Rigs, Less Hashrate Than Competitors

Two of the top mining manufacturers from China that recently had initial public offerings (IPO) released two new mining rigs. Canaan Inc. and Ebang Communications both have shares listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange, and the two firms just launched two ASIC mining devices with hashrates up to 63 terahash per second (TH/s).

The two Chinese ASIC mining rig manufacturers Ebang and Canaan have recently released some new bitcoin mining devices. Canaan has launched the Avalonminer 1146 Pro (63TH/s), while Ebang has released the E12+ (50TH/s).

Interestingly, both firms are listed on the American stock exchange Nasdaq, while the other two powerful ASIC manufacturing competitors, Bitmain and Microbt, are not public companies yet. On the flipside, Ebang and Canaan’s new machines do not produce as much hashrate as Microbt and Bitmain’s latest units.

The Canaan Avalonminer 1146 Pro “comes with a hashrate of 63TH/s and power consumption of [around] 3276W,” according to the specifications. The new Avalonminer was announced in June and the price is only available by inquiry.

Additionally, it’s unknown what size ASIC chips are used in the new Canaan 1146 Pro model. The new Ebang E12+ does have a price tag displayed on site, as the machine is selling for $1,500 per unit. The E12+ boasts a hashrate of around 50 terahash per second and an efficiency rating of around 2500W off the wall.

Now the E12+ has much lower power consumption than the Avalonminer 1146 Pro, but it is 13 terahash less, as far as hashrate output is concerned. Canaan’s machine has power consumption rating that is a hair less than the Microbt Whatsminer M30S++, which is a whopping 3472W off the wall according to stats.

All four of the top SHA256 mining rigs have over 3000W per unit off the wall, but they all claim to produce 95 TH/s or higher. Bitmain’s Antminers and Microbt’s Whatsminers pretty much offer double the hashrate compared to Ebang and Canaan’s new devices.

The top four SHA256 ASIC mining…

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