PS5 Leaps Xbox in Next-Gen Race, Thanks to Epic’s Game-Engine Demo

  • The next-gen vision came to life this week during Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5 tech demo running on PS5.
  • The showcase was in stark contrast to Microsoft”s disappointing cache of Series X ‘gameplay’ trailers.
  • A next-gen console is only as good at its latest showcase, and by that measure, PS5 is winning the early next-gen stakes.

On Wednesday, months of speculation, rumors, and perceived promotional advantages turned trivial as Epic Games unveiled an Unreal Engine 5 tech demo running real-time on PlayStation 5. It was the first real-time demonstration with the chops to capture the imagination. The next-gen vision come to life.

Aside from the glut of jaw-dropping moments, it was a coup for Sony and the PlayStation 5. And, the timing could not have been better.

Microsoft Misfires

This time last week, people were left muddling through the confusion of Microsoft’s Inside Xbox next-gen gameplay reveal. With little to no gameplay to speak of and an underwhelming roster of titles, Microsoft’s misfire was all too clear. It prompted the platform holder to publish an apology of sorts, recognizing it had mismanaged expectations.

Any momentum built up to date from Microsoft’s pitch-perfect promotional march to date, came to a grinding halt. The good favor garnered from Microsoft’s transparency and generous feed of Xbox Series X details evaporating as the company fell short when it mattered most.

Fast forward a week, and Microsoft’s blunder is all the more glaring after Epic delivered on what many expected from the Xbox Series X showcase.

Sitting On The Sidelines

Most remarkable of all is that all this happened with Sony sitting on the sidelines. No spokesperson; no official PlayStation 5 branding. It would be disingenuous to say that Sony wasn’t involved behind the scenes: Epic explained that it’s been working closely with Sony throughout the development of Unreal 5 and the PS5.

Nevertheless, Epic Games took the helm, and Epic CEO Tim Sweeney…

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