Profit from Cryptocurrency? TOP 5 Coins would have made you rich

The cryptocurrency world is a volatile world and full of surprises. There are many cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin which are doing better. Let’s take a look at the top 5 coins which would have made you rich. The previous week’s report can be found here.

1. Molecular Future + 43%

Molecular Future is a Chinese investment assistance provider that is focused on digital finance. Right now, the token (MOF) is only traded on OKEx.  The exact reason for the price increase is uncertain. Nevertheless, the chart representation does not certainly make the best impact.

What was accountable for the price hike is still behind the closed doors. The other thing is that the price hike does not seem very straightforward, of course. Coinmarketcap displays that much of the trading volume is pretentious. As mentioned earlier, Molecular Future is available for purchase on OKEx .

Cryptocurrency: Molecular Future

2. Synthetix Network Token + 28.8%

The next cryptocurrency is Synthetix. It is an Ethereum project that concentrates on tokenizing assets like indices or stocks. The rise of the SNX token could be because of the initiation of the tokens sXRP, sDEFI, sLink, sLTC, which outline these assets to the platform. The cryptocurrency can be purchased on KuCoin.

3. Digital Futures Exchange + 27.7%

The next is Digitex. The great thing about this is that it is a decentralized exchange on which cryptocurrencies and futures are traded. The reason behind the price rise could be the launch of the test network which was released last week. Digitex Future Token is available on HitBTC .

4. Seele + 7.9%

The next is Seele. It is a Smart Contract platform coined on the Ethereum Blockchain. It depends on proof of work algorithms. The throughput of the mainnet is 2,000 transactions per second. Last week, a new variant of the soul software with bug dilemmas and improvements was released. This…

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