Professional Trading App and OTC Exchange Service?


What Is Bittreo?

BITTREO is a blockchain-based platform that provides financial services and products for digital assets. The platform was established in 2017 and originally baptized “Vancouver Bitcoin.” It was a simple cryptocurrency brokerage firm located in Vancouver, B.C.

Currently, Bittreo offers different products and services to make crypto investing easier than ever.

Bittreo Services


Even for new users who require more information, the platform has them covered. You can easily visit one of Bittreo’s physical branches and speak to their knowledgeable onsite professionals. The team understands when it comes to making big financial decisions there is no substitute for engaging someone you can trust.


Bittreo’s OTC is their institutional trading desk that handles large volume trades. They have established a robust network of institutional partners with deep liquidity to match any size order


With this feature, users can start their own retail crypto brokerage anywhere. Bittreo’s proprietary software makes it easy for anyone to start a cryptocurrency brokerage anywhere in the world.

The software enables businesses to:

  • Instantly buy and sell cryptocurrencies at live rates in real time
  • Record and reconcile till balances and cash
  • Automatically generate receipts for transactions
  • Manage user roles and authorization limits for employees
  • Set up pricing, margins and discounts
  • Track sales volumes, fees, discounts, marketing sources & more
  • Record customer information such as KYC/AML for compliance

Choosing The Right Bittreo Package

Bittreo also provides the opportunity for branded licensing, which allows users to grow their businesses faster by licensing the Bittreo name. The team believes that brand recognition goes a long way with customers and they have worked hard to establish the name that people can trust.

Besides, users can create their own brand, by licensing the Bittreo software. Even so, the team behind Bittreo will still…

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