Prince Harry Is Loving Hollywood Life – But He Refuses to Pay His Fair Share

  • Many insiders assumed that once Meghan Markle and Prince Harry moved to L.A. that Harry would apply for U.S. citizenship.
  • A source close to Harry says this won’t be the case.
  • Why? He doesn’t fancy giving up his royal titles or paying U.S. tax on his worldwide earnings.

During grim times like these, we have to get our laughs anywhere we can. This piece in The Times will leave you in stitches. It suggests that Prince Harry could attempt to obtain an O-1 US visa.

Yeah, the visa designed exclusively for “individuals with extraordinary ability or achievement.”

Now that is some comedy gold!

Prince Harry has no intention of becoming a U.S. citizen

The news that Prince Harry isn’t interested in becoming a “proper” American is kind of surprising.

I mean, he’s living in Los Angeles full-time. Surely it makes sense to go the full mile and pledge allegiance to the flag, right?

Apparently not.

Source: Twitter

It’s not quite so confusing when you realize what Prince Harry would have to give up if he did pursue U.S. citizenship.

The first loss would be his royal titles.

If Prince Harry decides to take the step and make the “Hollywood Harry” moniker official, he’d be forced, under U.S. law, to renounce all foreign titles.

8 USC section 1448, subsection (b) states:

In case the person applying for naturalization has borne any hereditary title, or has been of any of the orders of nobility in any foreign state, the applicant shall in addition to complying with the requirements of subsection (a) of this section, make under oath in the same public ceremony in which the oath of allegiance is administered, an express renunciation of such title or order of nobility, and such renunciation shall be recorded as a part of such proceedings.

He really would be “simply” Harry after all!

Losing royal titles would just be the beginning

Perhaps more important than royal titles are the tax implications of U.S. citizenship. Hollywood Harry would be required to declare…

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