Prince Harry Getting Involved With BLM? Hopefully He’s Learned From His Unsettling Past

  • Meghan Markle delivered a passionate speech on racial tension, inspired by Dr. Jackson Avery.
  • Rumors suggest both Meghan and Prince Harry are speaking with those leading the Black Lives Matter movement to see where they can become more involved.
  • Let’s hope that Prince Harry has learned from his questionable past, and isn’t just looking to BLM as a means to rehabilitate his broken image.

Reports are suggesting that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who have been living under lockdown in Los Angeles since arriving from Vancouver Island, are quietly planning moves to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

While the cynic in me believes this is simply an attempt by both Prince Harry and Meghan to ride the wave of public interest in the movement, I also want to believe their intentions are genuine.

Especially considering Prince Harry and his rather unsettling past with racism.

People bash the royal family as racist. The most racist member of the family is now living in L.A.

I’ve heard numerous Meghan Markle acolytes refer to the royal family as racist. Of course, there’s no actual basis for those accusations.

The Sussex Squad are, quite frankly, delusional. | Source: Twitter

Unless they’re talking about Meghan’s husband, Prince Harry, of course.

While many will claim that Prince Harry isn’t racist, it’s hard to look beyond his actions and words when it comes to matters of race.

I know this will likely come as a shock to those whose interest in Prince Harry, and anything royal, started when he met Meghan in 2016, but it’s true.

In fact, the likes of the deluded Sussex Squad has hilariously reimagined Prince Harry entirely! Some warped minds see him as a man who risked everything to rip his wife from the evil, racist clutches of his family.

I wonder if Meghan’s seen his Swastika armband yet?

Yes, Prince Harry dressed up as a Nazi officer. | Source: Twitter

Prince Harry paraded around dressed as a Nazi officer. For…

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