Power Ledger Brings P2P Blockchain Solar Power Trading To India

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Published on November 26th, 2019 |
by Smiti

November 26th, 2019 by

A New Delhi-based power distribution utility will implement India’s first-ever blockchain-based solar power trading. The project was made possible through Power Ledger’s blockchain platform.

Photo by Zach Shahan | CleanTechnica

BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL) recently announced that it has partnered with Power Ledger to run a pilot project in a New Delhi suburb to enable peer-to-peer solar power trading. The project will be implemented in closed gated communities with rooftop solar power systems installed. The pilot project will cover a capacity of 5-6 megawatts of solar power.

New Delhi has a robust rooftop solar power policy that allows residents and large communities to install solar power systems. Any surplus power generated from these systems is sold back to the grid through net metering.

In this P2P trading project, however, any surplus power generated by these rooftop solar power systems would be traded within the neighboring gated communities instead of sending it back to the grid through net metering.

According to a press release by BRPL, consumers would be able to procure electricity at much cheaper rates compared to that available through the distribution utility. The project would help BRPL improve power supply and system efficiency, and meet increased power demand during peak hours. The distribution utility, among the few partially privately-owned in India, plans to expand its partnership with Power Ledger.

“Realising the importance of distributed generation, we have already built an extensive renewables infrastructure, and this trial with Power Ledger will help us fully utilise that energy. Basis the outcome, BRPL and Power Ledger will expand the trial to include…

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