POSTECH, Yonsei University collaborate on blockchain campus

College is supposed to be about preparing students for the next stage of their life, and it appears that two universities are taking that calling quite seriously, as they are combining their efforts to create a blockchain campus together.

According to an announcement released on April 2, Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) and Yonsei University have reached an agreement that they will operate the campus where all students will be able to participate. In doing so, they want to establish themselves as the leader in blockchain based systems, as well as in researching and developing new blockchain technology.

Included as part of the program will be a research center, detailed curriculums geared towards developing students for the industry, as well as programs to lead those who are interested in entrepreneurial endeavors. Even those who are not in artificial intelligence (AI) or information technology programs would still be eligible to take the classes.

Kim Doh-Yeon, President of POSTECH, explains that this is the most sensible course of action considering the direction that technology is moving. “Everybody will use AI in the future, as cars of today, and they will need an AI license like a driver’s license.”

As part of the program, the campus will employ 15 additional professors with experience in the AI field. Those students who complete the course will receive a certificate along with their diploma that acknowledges their completion of the program.

Kim acknowledges that if universities in South Korea are going to keep up and even become leaders in this industry it is time to start doing so now. “The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is making a considerable investment into AI education. U.S. and Chinese governments are spending billions more on AI. We need more efforts from all sides, private and public.”

It is not surprising to see institutions in South Korea getting involved in the development of blockchain technology….

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