Popular Youtuber Ali Spagnola ‘Accidentally Got Bitcoin Rich,’ Decides to ‘Pay It Forward’

On Wednesday, the popular musician and Youtuber, Alicia Dawn “Ali” Spagnola, made a new video and tweeted about how she got “accidentally bitcoin rich,” after taking a request for her project called Free Paintings. After getting a bitcoin in 2013 and checking her account eight years later, Spagnola said: “I just found out that I am bitcoin rich— This is my attempt to use it for joy.”

Ali Spagnola is a well known artist, musician, and Youtuber with over 325,000 subscribers today. During one of her more recent videos, she explained how she accidentally got “bitcoin rich” from an individual who donated $50 in bitcoin to her in 2013. A few months ago, Spagnola realized that her Free Paintings project website accepted bitcoin donations and she tried to remember why she decided to take bitcoin donations back in 2013.

Popular Youtuber Ali Spagnola 'Accidentally Got Bitcoin Rich,' Decides to 'Pay It Forward'
The email Spagnola received in 2013.

In 2008, the artist and Youtuber started her project Free Paintings, where she takes requests via email so she can create a 12×12” acrylic painting for them. Spagnola has always created the artwork for free, and sends the artwork in the mail for free as well. To-date, Spagnola has created 2,700 paintings for people and over the years people have donated money to her as well. She still does the Free Paintings project to this day whenever she has time, as the waitlist is reported to be over 1,300 individuals long.

When Spagnola decided to look at her email inbox, she realized that an individual convinced her on June 25, 2013, to accept the digital currency. The original email said: “I would like to pay you $50 (in bitcoins) for your interpretation of a bitcoin- a new virtual currency that makes it super easy to send/receive money over the internet.”

The individual convinced her and so Spagnola painted him a 12×12” bitcoin painting and in the video, she shared the picture of her artwork that she designed at the time. When Spagnola originally checked the exchange…

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