Polkadot’s Gavin Wood to Give Lecture Series as Part of UC Berkeley Blockchain Curriculum – Blockchain Bitcoin News

University of California, Berkeley and Parity Technologies are joining forces on several blockchain fronts, including educational development and awareness, by leveraging Parity’s expert team and the Substrate framework as knowledge-building resources.

UC Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator Partners with Parity to Promote Blockchain Adoption

To bring more resources to the University of California, Berkeley community and Blockchain Xcelerator, Parity Technologies and the academic institution are expanding existing ties by forming a resource-rich educational framework for the 2020-2021 academic year.

This deepening cooperation follows Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator’s existing familiarity with Parity and Polkadot ecosystem startups through its program, which has already accelerated 45 high-value blockchain projects since its inception in 2019. These growing ties will see the Parity development team help expose the University’s students to innovation through a multi-pronged approach, starting with efforts centering on a blockchain curriculum.

Parity’s Substrate blockchain-building framework and Polkadot’s second-generation protocol will play a significant role in this educational effort given their usefulness as tools and utilities in the ever-expanding ecosystem. Additionally, Parity’s involvement will cover the advancement of new project ideas and exploration of other valuable educational angles to improve the community’s overall blockchain-engagement.

Taking a Hands-On Approach to Blockchain Guidance

One of the noteworthy developments in this new partnership will be a lecture delivered by Dr. Gavin Wood. Wood, a co-founder of Parity Technologies and the Polkadot network, is well-known within blockchain circles. In his previous role as Ethereum’s CTO and co-founder, he was responsible for designing the Solidity language alongside the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Dr. Wood will be taking part in the A. Richard Newton…

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