Pokemon Journeys Unveils the Most WTF Release Strategy Ever

  • Pokemon Journeys is finally getting a western release.
  • The show will be exclusive to Netflix in the United States and Pop in the United Kingdom.
  • While the U.S. release makes a lot of sense, relegating the show to a kids’ TV network in the U.K. is insane.

It’s about time. Pokemon Journeys is getting a western release. Along with an English dub, that means the show will be (legally) available to many fans for the first time. In the U.S., the show will even be available on Netflix. But that’s where the good news ends.

The Pokemon Company clearly botched the rest of its release strategy, licensing the show to a children’s network in other countries like the U.K. Considering the Pokemon franchise’s cross-generational appeal, that decision is nothing short of baffling.

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Pokemon Journeys Is Wasted on Kids’ TV

In fact, there are few franchises that can flame more cross-general interest. So why would the Pokemon Company waste Journeys on a kids-only channel like Pop?

U.S. fans are really getting the better end of the bargain here. Netflix viewers will be able to binge the series at their own pace, day or night. Not so in the U.K.

Let’s face it. Putting the show on a kids’ network just means that adult fans are going to be more likely to pirate the show, rather than watch it legitimately. It’s not like plenty of people don’t already do that on sites like KissAnime – where the series regularly trends.

More People Will End Up Watching the Show On Netflix

It’s hard not to see how beneficial Netflix will end up being for Pokemon Journeys. The flexibility of streaming is already a big enough reason to aim in that direction. But it’s even more true for a show that targets such a wide range of demographics.

It’s not like Pokemon doesn’t already have an established presence on Netflix in the U.K. All of the Indigo League series and several of the movies are available on the service already.

Maybe someone messed up in the planning…

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