Phemex Sees Overwhelming Demand for DOGE Promotion

DOGE coin is becoming a popular social trend, and Phemex has rolled out a new DOGE/USD futures contract that allows its clients to trade the pair with up to 20x leverage. In addition to introducing the new DOGE/USD contract, Phemex also just found out how popular DOGE is becoming.

On March 1, 2020, Phemex listed its new DOGE/USD contract and offered new traders a reward of free DOGE to start trading on its platform. Phemex was preparing to give away 1 million in DOGE, over the course of 15 days.

Phemex Learned the Power of DOGE

Phemex soon found out how popular the DOGE token is becoming. In terms of the contract listing and promotion, the exchange expected around 5,000 new users to sign up for its services over the course of the 15-day promotion.

The day after the DOGE promotion began – Phemex had more than 24,000 new users, and it decided that the best way to deal with the popularity of DOGE was to expand the programs’ size and consider closing it early.

Phemex opted to close the promotion on the 8th of March, just a week after it went live. The exchange expanded its giveaway to 4 million DOGE tokens, and the details of all the new users, as well as the token distribution, can be found here.

More Ways to Trade

In addition to the new DOGE/USD contract pair, Phemex decided to also offer its clients a DOGE/USDT spot pair. The alternative went live on March 13, and both options have become a very popular way to trade the DOGE market over the span of a few weeks.

There is no denying that DOGE is becoming a force in the crypto markets, and despite its popularity, there are still a few questions that surround how the token that was seen as a joke for so many years is becoming a serious way for people to trade and invest.

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