Peafarm – NFT Crypto Games on Tron 4.0 Platform, Airdrop Is Now Live

PRESS RELEASE. NFT (non-fungible token) had been used in the construction of decentralized gaming platforms, issuing proprietary tokens, anti-copy and copyright related issues. It is expected to be a new trend that will attract the attention of investors because of the profits and practical application of blockchain to life.

What is Peafarm?

Peafarm is a crypto game that applies the practice of the blockchain industry to creating a special product, completely independent and irreplaceable.

Peafarm’s network and protocol are not merely creating a miniature society in the game, but it is also creating residual value calculated in digital assets. The traditional concept and approach “Game is an entertaining game” has been transformed by their team into “Game is an area of financial investment”.

In simple words, games are now not only entertaining games, but also a place to profitably invest and make money. In the crypto market, this is a truly project that offers remarkable charm and value.

Where to buy PEA tokens:

The fact that makes Peafarm unique is its limited token supply. Talking about limited supply, only 15,000,000 PEA minted will be distributed to the community through Airdrops, Pre-sale and Public sale events.

Airdrop Link:

PEA token sale open time:

Phase 1 – Pre-Sale: 08 Dec 2020

Phase 2 – Public Sale: 15 Dec 2020

Public sale link:

After the PEA token is deposited into your personal wallet, you can use the PEA token to buy items, seeds, breeds, etc… in the games. The Peafarm team will also plan to put PEA tokens on some Exchanges such as MXC, Kucoin, Hobit, … Please follow their official media channels for further update.

Peafarm ecosystem product:

In the Peafarm games ecosystem, the PEA token acts as a platform currency to be traded and used mainly in all gaming or investment activities and applications.

Payment and use on Peafarm platform – You can…

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