Pay-to-Play Gaming Is Flawed, Blockchain-Based Platform Says

A blockchain-based entertainment platform is vowing to transform gaming by tackling flaws in the pay-to-play model.

Digital Entertainment Asset, or DEA, says the current marketplace relies on gamers who continuously purchase in-app items that quickly become worthless. Many players are left regretting how much money they’ve spent.

The company’s new concept changes the status quo by rewarding players instead of charging them, meaning loyal users get something tangible in return for the time they spend playing online social games.

Known as PlayMining, the platform has three elements. According to the team, points earned through games and reading manga can be exchanged for digital currency, and this is managed through the DEA Bank. Through the digital art auction, these assets can also be traded and distributed — and the company plans to make this site “a highly entertaining and intuitively usable platform.”

All of the games and manga on offer are going to be free, and at no point will players be charged. As a result, the most dedicated gamers and readers have the chance to reap the most rewards.

It is hoped that all three of these aspects will “influence each other and encourage the distribution of digital assets.”

Unique assets

DEA says the digital assets that are going to be circulated through its platform are nonfungible tokens. Otherwise known as ERC-721 tokens, each of the assets offer unique characteristics that make them different and digitally scarce. In DEA’s case, each asset will initially offer an illustration by famous Japanese manga artists. Over time, it’s hoped that audio, image and video data will be added — increasing the variety of assets on offer.

According to DEA’s white paper, a plethora of renowned manga artists and creators have already announced that they plan to support the project’s mission — providing new, original illustrations that will be released as digital assets. They include Hiro Mashima, Etsushi Ogawa, Ryoji…

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