Paxful Celebrates the Real Reasons People Use Bitcoin Everyday With #BitcoinForAll Giveaway – Sponsored Bitcoin News

Paxful, one of the largest peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplaces in the world, is celebrating the real reasons people use bitcoin everyday with a special $15,000 giveaway. The platform helps millions to have access to payments, e-commerce, remittances, wealth preservation and philanthropy with bitcoin.

What Real People Use Bitcoin For

With bitcoin’s incredible recent rally it is no surprise that most of the news you hear about the cryptocurrency focus on the price gains. However, it is important to remember that for many people it is so much more than just a speculative asset. Paxful is active all over the world, including in markets with hundreds of millions of unbanked people such as in Africa and Asia, and it therefore can see the real uses people have for bitcoin.

In order to celebrate these real world uses cases and the fact that bitcoin is a valuable tool for all people, Paxful is launching a special $15,000 giveaway where 1,500 traders can win up to $100 in BTC. To learn more about the terms of the offer and join the #BitcoinForAll campaign click here.

The first use case for bitcoin is payments. In many parts of the world, even people that are ‘privileged’ enough to have a bank account still face difficulties controlling their own hard earned money. This is because many banks, particularly in Africa, impose daily spending limits on clients – not letting them spend more than $100 a day for example. Bitcoin empowers people to overcome these limitations by buying gift cards on a P2P marketplace with BTC and use that to pay directly for the stores they need. On Paxful there are over 300 payment methods available, including gift cards, debit cards, credit cards, bank wires and much more.

On the complementing side of the market, bitcoin also allows everyday people to start their own e-commerce businesses even if they don’t have bank accounts. Anyone in the world can accept bitcoin directly and change it on a P2P…

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