PARSIQ Partners With Autonio to Bring Smart Triggers to Traders

The strategic partnering agreement between PARSIQ and Autonio Foundation consists of utilizing PARSIQ’s monitoring and automation blockchain platform to power Autonio’s NIOX trading suite.

Autonio’s NIOX trading suite will keep making its informed decisions in distinct areas only that improved from now onwards by PARSIQ’s unique Smart Triggers technology, crucial here in monitoring blockchain activity.

Tom Tirman, the CEO of PARSIQ, commented,

“Automated trading tools are a natural use case for PARSIQ’s Smart Triggers, and we are glad to be seeing teams like Autonio speed up their development efforts by choosing our solution…There really is no reason why crypto app developers should be constantly reinventing the wheel. By letting us take care of the intricacies, they save on time, money and headaches.”

Autonio, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) specializes in the development and access to easy-to-use DeFi trading tools for the crypto ecosystem.

The platform democratizes access to intelligent crypto trading tools in order to assist crypto traders in conducting a deeper trading analysis, so as to be able to deploy complex algorithms and implement pool funds for their original strategy.

PARSIQ Reaches Deeper into the Markets

Niox Suite, an AI-toolset developed by Autonio, needs a stream of reliable blockchain data in order to perform its operations. Niox Suite can be used outside of a blockchain setting (chain agnostic) and becomes the basic alert system for complex trading strategies based on specific triggers.

Until this partnership existed, developers accessing blockchain data would need to create their own custom listeners, which would require spinning up their own full nodes, parsing through complex blockchain data, and creating an API that will make this data more usable.

The process of making this data work in a realistic way is time-consuming and expensive, and the resources involved in the process could be used in other ways.

Ali Raheman,…

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