PARSIQ Adds Advisor & Investor Evan Cheng to Team

Evan Cheng just joined the PARSIQ team as an investor and adviser. Cheng is a heavyweight in the world of high-profile tech and blockchain companies.

Cheng is already an advisory at Chainlink, a decentralized oracle network that provides live data to the blockchains, and his full-time job is the Head of Novi Research at Facebook, a division that focuses on advancing blockchain and crypto.

His strategic background and experience mean a unique growth opportunity for PARSIQ. He was involved as an advisor to Chainlink and Zilliqa from their very beginnings. Cheng also held the position of Director of Engineering, Programming Languages, and Runtimes for Facebook.

Cheng, who worked at Apple for over 10 years, is a big fan of what PARSIQ is doing.

He commented,

“Blockchain data & analytics is a rapidly growing field, supported by the increasing usage and popularity of projects in this space. PARSIQ stands out among its peers by enabling programmable triggers on top of streaming data with high precision and high availability. PARSIQ is a game changer and I’m thrilled to be working with the team as a strategic investor and technical advisor.”

He has the appropriate experience and knowledge to advise the PARSIQ team on developing their core products and services, including the stream processing language ParsiQL and the PARSIQ Platform as a whole.

PARSIQ is Putting Blockchain Data to Good Use

PARSIQ is a unique performer on the blockchain, they do what no one else does. They provide data monitoring and automation across most blockchains and Layer 2 chains, bridging off-chain and on-chain apps and allowing users and projects to be notified of real-time transactions and occurrences.

The PARSIQ blockchain currently supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Celo, Dash, and Algorand as an effort to automate all processes and user applications.

The platform grows and learns consistently while storing data and releasing alerts across the entire network of chains. While…

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