Over $1 Billion In Stablecoins Are Sidelined Waiting To Push Bitcoin To $100K

Bitcoin is trading only a couple thousand dollars below $50,000, but according to one crypto analyst, there’s over $1 billion in stablecoins waiting on the sidelines to push the leading cryptocurrency by market cap to a price of $100,000 per coin, within the next thirty to sixty days.

Here’s why all this capital sitting on the sides could soon be used to drive prices even higher.

Analyst: Bitcoin Could Reach $100,000 Within 30 to 60 Days

Bitcoin has been an unstoppable uptrend since Black Thursday, almost a year ago to the date.

Since last March when the pandemic struck, the cryptocurrency has blossomed into a star within the finance space, providing returns wildly beyond expectations during a time when profits are slim and money is being debased at a haste.

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A flood of institutional capital has pushed the price of Bitcoin during the one year from under $4,000 to $48,000, but within two months, that price could double, according to crypto trader Joseph Canfield. Canfield claims the catalyst for such a massively bullish move in such a short amount of time, is some $1 billion in sidelined stablecoins.

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Could the $1 billion stablecoins drive Bitcoin to this incredible target within two months? | Source: BTCUSD on TradingView.com

How Stablecoins Have Been Shown To Increase Crypto Prices

Stablecoins such as Tether, USD Coin, Paxos, and many others, are tied 1-to-1 to the dollar, hence the “stable” categorization. As the supply of stablecoins rises, so do the prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the rest of the altcoin market.

The correlation between Tethers being minted and Bitcoin price increase have been documented for years, but they have thus far not produced such results – until now.

Stablecoins have been used recently to place large orders for BTC on Coinbase Pro. Analysts say its like “rocket fuel” for the first ever cryptocurrency during an uptrend.

During recent…

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