our video team’s most unexpected moments of 2020

The Cointelegraph YouTube channel had some of its wilder moments in 2020: from getting hit with the YouTube ban hammer to witnessing firsthand the antics of crypto’s most eccentric personalities. Here are some of our favorite blooper moments from this year — we hope you enjoy them more than we did!

Bitcoin Halving Party livestream YouTube strike

2020 has been a year of firsts for many: the first year of the new decade, an unprecedented global pandemic, and Cointelegraph’s first ever YouTube strike. And, honestly, we’re still quite puzzled by it. The strike came in the final minutes of a seven hour virtual livestream event hosted by Cointelegraph on May 11th to celebrate Bitcoin’s third halving. The stream featured industry experts, high-profile investors, and well-known personalities from all corners of the crypto sphere. Some notable moments:

Everything was proceeding as smoothly as could be expected until the final panel of the day: the Crypto Influencers. This panel featured a number of prominent crypto personalities including Altcoin Daily, Bad Crypto Podcast, Altcoin Buzz, Naomi Brockwell, Bitboy Crypto, Layah Heilpurn, and notably Chico Crypto.

After going live, the panel immediately descended into chaos. Midway through the host’s introduction, Crypto Chico began yelling at the other guests, calling them shills and dropping multiple f-bombs. After finishing his tirade, he disappeared from the panel and was never heard from again — at least not on any of our channels.

The panel resumed as best it could, but 20 minutes later YouTube suddenly and permanently removed the livestream and the Cointelegraph YouTube channel its first ever strike. According to the warning, the livestream was removed for violation of YouTube’s community guidelines. The specific violation was for producing ‘harmful or dangerous content’. Cointelegraph’s appeal to the strike was rejected and no further clarification was received as to the exact reason behind the…

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