Opportunities Abound Within The Family Office Space

Family Offices are becoming a very significant force within the global business landscape, now managing almost half of the $9 trillion controlled by the world’s billionaires. EY estimates that there are currently 10,000 family offices, a ten-fold increase since 2008. It is expected that this trend will continue in line with the growing number of billionaires and the increasing need for specialized expertise to manage and advise family enterprises on new investment options, succession and multi-generational wealth preservation within a volatile global economy. Family offices can also enjoy a greater level of autonomy and independence when it comes to investment decisions, like in America where firms managing money only for families or associates are exempt from disclosure and other rules governing investment advisers. Family offices are very diverse, ranging from a single in-house holding company to large specialized external advisory firms managing multiple family offices, but collectively family offices need to be treated as a sector in itself, and a powerfully influential one at that.

There Is Power In Identity

The creation of a family office signals an intent to expand, innovate and diversify and can open the door to new and unique opportunities within the investment space and beyond. Although sometimes driven by pragmatism and wealth preservation, family offices are demonstrating an increasing appetite for alternative investments, becoming powerhouses in the direct investment space and sometimes even competing with global banks and private-equity firms on big transactions. The family office has become a force to be reckoned with and will become even more powerful as they leverage the synergistic opportunities that exist through collaboration and co-investment with other family…

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