OPINION: Here’s why you should care about blockchain

I’m often asked – by non-crypto-loving people, obviously – what blockchain actually does, if anything at all, or why the person in the street should even care.

We live in a world of fake news and deep fakes. Information spreads virally, and nobody challenges it. People resurrect 10-year-old images of an incident and give it a new label – and other people react without bothering to check. The image itself isn’t fake, but the reporting and story around it is.

Deep fakes are particularly terrifying. With today’s technology, if you have eight half-decent pictures of a person, you can create a realistic video of that person saying whatever you want them to.

Adobe has showed off software that lets users edit recordings of speech as easily as you edit a picture. It’s never been easier to put words in somebody’s mouth, in their own voice. And nobody would ever know the difference. Or bother to check.

The bottom line? We can’t trust everything we see and hear online. We certainly should not be trusting “news” on social media.

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