Oobit and Coinbase launch a new fiat-to-crypto gateway

  • Oobit’s partnership with crypto exchange Coinbase finally two launched a number of new features.
  • The features include crypto trading, a wallet, custody, the ability to buy crypto with fiat.
  • Oobit is also offering Oobit Pass, which will allow users to quickly and easily pass the KYC procedure.

the new solution in partnership with US crypto exchange, Coinbase. The new solution brings a number of new features for crypto users, such as comparing prices from multiple exchanges. However, it also brings some P2P opportunities, as well as a fiat-to-crypto gateway.

Oobit will solve the lengthy KYC procedure

The new features will allow users to buy new coins directly on the platform, and to do it by using fiat. Meanwhile, Oobit is also releasing one KYC passport. The user who receives it will be able to use it on numerous crypto trading platforms.

Oobit calls the new product Oobit Pass, and it revealed that the Pass uses facial and optical character recognition. As such, it can significantly speed up the process of approval, without compromising integrity.

Why KYC standards are now mandatory for all legitimate trading platforms, they remain too slow. The reason for this is that they still rely on paperwork. As such, they act as a major barrier, as users would often rather miss good deals than have to deal with excessive paperwork.

However, the Oobit Pass might become a solution that would resolve this issue permanently. Crypto exchanges could easily choose to accept Oobit Pass, and eliminate the lengthy verification process.

What other features does Oobit offer?

Apart from the mentioned features, Oobit will also offer a wallet, escrow, and custodial services. All of this is now possible due to its collaboration with Coinbase.  Its platform offers a user-friendly interface, which makes it ideal for novices and experienced traders alike. It simplifies the investing process so that technical issues will no longer prevent newcomers from joining.

In addition, the…

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