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So, well, it becomes a tradition with my reviews when on the one hand I understand what this is all about, this project or whatever. I also know what I need to write, but the flow of thoughts is bottled up by my misgivings about in what particular set of phrases I should shape it. So I let this stream of consciousness loose and describe what I see, using words and sentences that simply come to my mind first. It’s an easier thing to do at this stage.

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So what do we have? The project in question is related to the problem and the controversy of the Ethereum blockchain. The Ethereum was a spawning ground for various projects since it introduced the concept of storing pieces of code on the blockchain — so-called Smart Contracts. The invention of Smart Contracts, in turn, led to the inception of multiple distributed on-chain applications, including ubiquitous CryptoKitties. This is what is actually considered cool about this platform — an ability to host various IT ideas, related to many different fields. The controversy is mostly about how much of the code should be stored on the blockchain, and how much can be stored outside — on the servers that belong to the actual creator of the project. Like, with CryptoKitties people argue that this is not really a pure blockchain project because the significant part of its code is located outside the blockchain, on CryptoKitties’ proprietary servers that theoretically can be shut down causing a tremendous butthurt among fans of virtual cats. That wouldn’t be the case if the whole code of the project was located on the blockchain because of its distributed architecture and its multiple nodes, supporting everything that’s going on there.

But this is not really an option. With all due respect to Ethereum, there are things that cannot be done entirely on the blockchain. Like communication with external data sources or massive data storage of various graphics and multimedia. The…

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