Olympic Committee Has No Right to Blame Africa For Its Postponement Decision

  • IOC president Thomas Bach is blaming Africa for his decision to postpone the Olympic games amid the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Africa is by far the least affected continent on earth, outside of Antarctica.
  • It’s time to stop freaking out about Africa and give its nations props for handling the crisis so far.

Historically known for famine, poverty, and infectious disease, Africa has a bad reputation. And IOC President Thomas Bach dealt the continent another blow by blaming it for his decision to postpone the 2020 Olympics.

Bach’s remarks are bizarre. The Olympics will be held in Tokyo, not in Africa. And although Africa’s coronavirus cases are steadily rising, the continent is still by far one of the least affected regions on earth.

Africa has handled the outbreak relatively well so far, which makes Bach’s comments all the more baffling.

The Olympics are Officially Postponed

On Tuesday, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and IOC President Thomas Bach postponed the Tokyo Olympic games (which were due to start on July 24) until no later than the summer of 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

This move comes after significant pressure from the United States, Canada, and Australia.

This decision should come as no surprise. However, Bach’s justification for postponing the Olympics will leave some scratching their heads.

Bach states:

“It (the outbreak in Africa) is a very dramatic development which will not only affect Africa but will affect the entire world”

According to CNBC, the coronavirus outbreak in Africa is the main factor that led to Bach’s decision to cancel the games.

But does this make any sense compared to the actual data?

How Bad is the Coronavirus Outbreak in Africa?

Africa is by far the least-affected continent aside from Antarctica. | Source John Hopkins

According to data from John Hopkins, sub-Saharan Africa is by far the least coronavirus-infected region on earth. Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation has 46 confirmed infections

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