OKExChain Is a Leap Forward for Cryptocurrency Innovation

Continuous innovations have pushed the industry to a new frontier

The cryptocurrency space has come a long way since the first bitcoin was mined. The mass adoption of digital assets is still a way off, but there are plenty of signs of encouragement. Simple changes on the part of industry players such as increased collaboration with regulators, educating average users, and the design of easy to use products are all ways in which we can work towards that goal. As well as continuous innovation from every player in the space.

Public chains are beginning to gain more attention as cutting-edge innovations throughout the industry. At OKEx, however, we’re not aiming to be just another exchange with a public chain; there are many notable competitors who are already doing this.

Many exchanges want their own public chain to reflect on how their exchange has developed. However, OKExChain is not a mere reflection of our exchange, it upholds the freedom blockchain was intended to convey to users. We designed OKExChain to be highly autonomous and decentralized to give developers the power to create and users the power to choose.

How OKEx will continue to develop its public chain

In giving the power to developers, we provide them with the tools to create robust and scalable dApps without sacrificing autonomy to a centralized protocol. And to encourage more developers to build on OKExChain, we sponsored the first OKExChain Hackathon recently, which showcased the scalability of innovative dApps built on a public chain.

During the Hackaton, 24 teams and individuals submitted entries including APIs, developer tools, DEXs, digital asset wallets, virtual machines, blockchain-based browsers, staking, SDKs, and cross-chain solutions, just to name a few applications.

Also of note is our strong commitment to opensource. Just two months after the launch to testnet this year, we unveiled our open source code, which was posted on Github in April 2020. And,…

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