Obvious case of Blockstream & Bitcoin Core product placement? (article series on privacy & cryptocurrencies) : btc

In a 4-part series, Eric Wall neatly demonstrates how to do product placement for Blockstream, Bitcoin Core and their affiliates including the usual troupe of BS/Core “experts”.

Note: “article series by the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) on privacy and cryptocurrency, funded by the Zcash Foundation”.

Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty good information contained in the articles linked below. But the product placement of Bitcoin Core, Lightning, Liquid and “Green”, could hardly be more obvious. For an article series “on privacy and cryptocurrencies”, there is a heavy focus on BTC except in a single part (III) where the privacy coins Zcash, Monero, Grin and Beam are examined.

I recommend you read the articles. Below I’ve pointed out certain items that are mentioned and linked frequently within each article.

Privacy and Cryptocurrency, Part I: How Private is Bitcoin?

  • block explorer: blockstream.info

  • website to obtain “full node” software: bitcoin.org

  • wallet: Bitcoin Core (for coin control)

  • wallet: Wasabi (for CoinJoin)

  • 2nd layer: Lightning Network

  • wiki: en.bitcoin.it

Privacy and Cryptocurrency, Part II: Bitcoin Wallets

  • website: bitcoin.org (get started)

  • wallet: Bitcoin Core

  • wallet: Wasabi

  • wallet: Armory

  • wallet: mSigna

  • wallet: Bitcoin Knots

  • wallet: Electrum

  • person: Peter Todd

  • person: Jameson Lopp

  • person: Udi Wertheimer

  • person: Hampus Sjöberg

  • hardware wallet: Trezor

  • hardware wallet: Ledger

  • payment server: BTCPay Server

  • payment code service: PayNym.is (made by Samourai)

  • 2nd layer: Lightning Network

  • sidechain: Liquid (by Blockstream)

  • wallet: Blockstream Green (linked via blockstream site)

  • wallet: Samourai (linked via it’s own site)

  • wallet: BRD (linked via bitcoin.org!)

  • wallet: Schildbach (linked via bitcoin.org!)

  • mailing list: bitcoin-dev (run by Bitcoin Core people)

Privacy and Cryptocurrency, Part III: Should You Use a Privacy Coin?

  • Lightning

  • Liquid

  • coin: Monero

  • coin: Zcash

  • coin: Grin

  • coin: Beam

  • person: Daniel Lehnberg (Grin)

  • person: Andrew Poelstra (Blockstream, MimbleWimble)

  • person: Guy Corem.(Beam)

  • person:…

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