NY Police Department Warns About Tricky Bitcoin (BTC) Scam That Makes Rounds During COVID-19 Pandemic

Alex Dovbnya

New York police have warned about scammers impersonating the employees of a major electricity company


The New York Police Department has issued a warning about Bitcoin scammers impersonating the workers of the U.S. energy company Con Edison.

Fraudsters have a lot of tricks in their playbooks — from door-to-door sales to demanding fake electricity bills.

Your electricity will not be turned off

Those who try to pass off for Con Edison employees might have been inspired by their Canadian colleagues. Earlier, Toronto Hydro cautioned its potential victims that it would never cut off their electricity without double-checking all pertinent information.

The cops’ 23rd Precinct makes it clear that Con Edison will not turn off its services during the pandemic that keeps New Yorkers locked down in their homes.

It is also important to remember that electricity providers do not accept BTC payments, which should be a major red flag for customers.

FBI warns about COVID-19 scams

On Apr. 13, the FBI published a warning about an uptick in coronavirus-related cryptocurrency scams. The law enforcement agency enumerated some frauds that involve blackmail attempts, bogus coronavirus cures, and investment schemes.

As reported by U.Today, the last group saw a 33 percent hit in revenues due to the 48 percent Bitcoin rout in March, but the coronavirus allows other types of scams to thrive.

The new trend appears to be impersonating reputable health organizations to collect donations on their behalf.

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