Nvidia points RTX at AI-based noise cancelling

Those among us who work in offices are, even weeks later, still adjusting to the shift to working at home. At the office, you can close a door or find a conference room when you need a quiet space for a call. Most of our homes, though, aren’t designed to provide that kind of isolation. Nvidia is working on a solution, though, for anyone with an RTX GPU, called RTX Voice.

Nvidia has released a new software plugin called Nvidia RTX Voice; it uses Nvidia RTX GPUs and the AI capabilities they offer to remove background noise from voice chat.

Nvidia RTX Voice is beta software available for download from Nvidia right now at the link above. To use it, you launch the app, turn on the microphone denoiser in the app, and then tell your voice chat software to use RTX Voice as the microphone and speakers. The software will denoise not just your outgoing chat, but the incoming chat as well using the Tensor cores in your GeForce RTX 20xx graphics card.

Nvidia is pointing this software at streamers and office workers alike. The software supports OBS Studio, XSplit, Twitch Studio, Discord, and Google Chrome fully. Nvidia says that the software also supports WebEx, Skype, Zoom, and Slack, but that “RTX Voice speakers may exhibit issues in these apps.” You’ll also need Windows 10 and GeForce drivers of revision 410.18 or newer.

Denoising light, denoising sound

Nvidia’s choice of wording for describing how RTX Voice works is really interesting. RTX’s main selling point is its ability to realtime ray tracing. Actual ray tracing is still more computationally intensive than any consumer-grade graphics card can handle, though. One of the big advances that makes realtime ray tracing possible is the ability of these cards to sketch out a messier version of what a ray-traced scene looks like and then clean it up–or denoise it.

So it seems that Nvidia is taking the algorithm that it uses to clean up ray tracing noise–or a version of it, at least–and pointing it at…

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