Nvidia launches early access for Omniverse computer graphics and simulation platform

Nvidia said it’s launching early access to its Omniverse computer graphics and simulation platform that allows 3D creators to work collaboratively in real time on architecture, engineering, and construction projects. Omniverse was announced during Nvidia’s GTC 2020 keynote event, but CEO Jensen Huang had been teasing it for a while. It’s kind of like Google Docs for 3D artists, or, more expansively, like an artist’s version of the Metaverse.

The idea is to enable artists to work seamlessly in real time across software applications, either on-premises or remotely from around the world via the cloud, said Richard Kerris, head of developer relations for media and entertainment at Nvidia, in a blog post.

In his keynote talk, Huang previewed an update of Omniverse highlighting simulation and real-time graphics processing unit (GPU) rendering. He showcased Marbles, a playable game environment displaying real-time physics with dynamic lighting and rich physically based materials, as well as the platform’s latest AEC Experience feature set, which provides seamless connectivity between CAD applications with real-time visualization.

Collaboration for real-time creativity

Creating visual effects, architectural visualizations, and manufacturing designs typically requires multiple people collaborating across teams, remote work locations, and various customer sites for reviews. And 3D assets take shape over time, using an assortment of software tools.

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But seamless data transfers across applications have long been a challenge for millions of artists, designers, architects, engineers, and developers globally. Using Pixar’s Universal Scene Description (USD) and Nvidia RTX GPU technology, Omniverse allows people to easily work with applications and collaborate simultaneously with colleagues and customers, wherever they may be, Huang said.

Omniverse lets artists design hotels in a 3D space.

Above: Omniverse lets…

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