Nvidia kicks off 150 talks for 30,000 developers with online-only GTC event from March 25

Until three weeks ago, Nvidia had planned to hold its GTC conference in San Jose, California, as usual, with CEO Jensen Huang delivering a keynote speech and various announcements. But the spread of COVID-19 forced Nvidia to discard those plans and switch to an online-only event.

Since then, hundreds of researchers, partners, customers, and Nvidia employees have been working remotely to produce GTC Digital, which kicks off this week, said Greg Estes, vice president of developer programs at Santa Clara, California-based Nvidia, in an interview with VentureBeat. GTC is founded on Nvidia’s graphics and CUDA processing designs, and it is intended for the “Einsteins and Da Vincis of our time.”

Roughly 30,000 developers have signed up. Normally, about 10,000 people show up for the live event.

Nvidia will still do hands-on training taught by seasoned instructors through its Deep Learning Institute. Those talks will now be done as real-time video sessions online from March 25 to April 10.

“Starting Wednesday, we’ll make about 150 [precorded presentations] available, and over four weeks or so, that number will grow to 250,” Estes said. “We may be able to continue to expand the number of talks because once you’re in the digital format, we’re not constrained by the room capacity. So this is opening up some new avenues for us to look at.”

GTC typically packs hundreds of hours of talks, presentations, and conversations into a five-day event in San Jose. With GTC Digital, the idea is to take some of the best aspects of this event to a global audience and make it accessible for months. Some talks start on Tuesday, but most are happening on Wednesday and after.

Hundreds of speakers — among the most talented, experienced scientists and researchers in the world — have agreed to participate. Apart from the instructor-led, hands-on workshops and training sessions, which require a nominal fee, Nvidia is bringing most of the content to the internet for…

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