Nvidia GTC GTU Tech Conference set (virtually only)

Danny Shapiro, Senior Director of Automotive at Nvidia Corporation in Santa Clara, is as knowledgeable as anyone in the autonomous automotive segment. It’s a good thing because the industry is accelerating as quickly as a Tesla.

The autonomous driving future is among the more recent challenges for Nvidia, which started in the gaming industry. But the technology company is at the forefront of delivering solutions to automakers for self-driving cars, infotainment, digital instrument clusters, rear-seat entertainment and advanced driver assistance systems.

Dany Shapiro discusses Nvidia and the 2020 GTC Technology Conference in this episode of The Weekly Driver Podcast.

Not much of the ever-changing automotive technology world won’t be examined in Nvidia’s GTC GTU Technology Conference. It’s just that this year, it will be a virtual conference.
Conference organizers, citing the uncertainty of the coronavirus, have changed the conference into a digital presentation rather than a live event. The event was scheduled March 22-26 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center.

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Details are pending, but conference spokesperson Dave Jasmin said the keynote speech, as well as other presentation details, will be posted on the website www.nvidia.com. Refunds will be applicable.

The digital conference will address the same issue. What and where is the future of autonomous driving? How safe is it? How intense is the competition in the Silicon Valley marketplace and China, the industry’s international hub?

“Incredible advancements are going on in the transportation industry, but it’s not just cars,” said Shapiro of the pending gathering of industry experts who’ll discuss all things related to the future of autonomous…

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