NVidia GeForce NOW installs from the Play Store on ARM-powered Chromebooks just fine

As I’m continuing to test out the capabilities and use cases of the newly released Lenovo Chrombook Duet, one of the main things I wanted to see if it could do was play some games. Specifically, I wanted to see how GeForce NOW would run on it. We’ve done a video in the past of GeForce NOW running on a pretty inexpensive Android tablet that couldn’t really push PUBG Mobile and the service worked without flaw on a good network.

For Chromebooks, it’s not been so rosey. As a matter of fact, our testing of the service has only happened via putting Chromebooks in Developer Mode and sideloading the APK. This is not the optimal way to do anything on a Chromebook, so we tested it this way so most users wouldn’t have to and came away unimpressed. Things froze up after only a small bit of time passed in a game and rendered the whole experience useless on a Chromebook. To be fair, NVIDIA is planning on a web-based player like Stadia has, so I can easily cut them a bit of slack on this front for the time being.

It never really sat well with me that this service worked perfectly on slow Android tablets and failed on Chrome OS, though, so the first chance I had to try it out with the Lenovo Chromebook Duet and its ARM processor inside, I set out to jump into developer mode and sideload the app to give it a try. Before doing so, however, as I was installing a few other games to test out on the Duet and noticed one of the recommended apps in the Play Store was GeForce NOW. Here’s why that’s odd: that app doesn’t show up in the Play Store at all for Intel-based Chromebooks.

Obviously, I immediately installed it and launched into Fortnite. And, as you can likely infer from the title of this post, things the game launched just fine. For the first few minutes, I thought it was quite perfect, honestly. Everything moved along at a nice clip and framerates were fantastic, but I quickly noticed a small flaw in the experience: mouse tracking. …

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