No Man’s Sky Hospital Donation Bolsters Gaming’s Tarnished Image

By CCN Markets: As recent events have framed video games in a bad light, it’s vital to remind ourselves that they can be a source of immeasurable good. A case in point is a group of No Man’s Sky players who’ve rallied their collective might to make a sizeable donation to a children’s hospital in Sydney, Australia.

From No Man’s Sky Billboard to Benevolence

To thank No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games for its persistent efforts in redressing the space-faring exploration game from a disastrous launch, 375 community members raised $6,000 to erect a temporary billboard in proximity to Hello Games’ Guildford, UK offices.

No Man's Sky Community Hospital Donation Is a Breath of Fresh Air
Source: Thank You, Hello Games/GoFundMe

The GoFundMe initiative raised more money than required and the excess was donated to the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation and spent on an assortment of 72 PlayStation 4 consoles and games. Delivered to Randwick Children’s Hospital yesterday, the equipment is set to improve the lives of bed-ridden children.

A Rallying Cry for the Gaming Community

As detached politicians make accusations of a spurious link between video games and the recent wave of harrowing mass shootings afflicting the U.S., gaming becomes the scapegoat for an issue whose roots we can trace elsewhere. Peer-reviewed studies attest to this.

It’s an old refrain that harks back to the 1990s and other than distracting the masses from an issue with such a clear solution for anyone that lives outside of the U.S., it’s a rallying call for developers and games to defend their medium.

The mainstream media tends to stereotype gaming as a…

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