Nintendo Wages Costly Legal Fight to Stop You from Canceling Pre-orders

  • Nintendo has a reputation for treating its customers badly.
  • Despite this, they’ve built up a friendly company image by trading on nostalgia for their IP.
  • Nintendo appears to be breaking EU law and is now defending itself in court.

Nintendo kind of has a cruddy attitude. They have a lot of trouble understanding how the internet is supposed to work, and they also don’t have a great history of treating their consumers well. To this day, they still put out microtransaction-filled mobile games while claiming that they have their players’ best interests at heart.

It should come as no surprise that Nintendo is at it again. For the past two years, they’ve been embroiled in a dispute with the Norwegian Consumer Council. The NCC opened an investigation into digital platforms and their refund policies.

Let’s just say Nintendo didn’t come out that looking that great.

Nintendo is as notoriously anti-consumer as its first-party titles are riotously fun. | Source: REUTERS / Kim Kyung-Hoon

Second Thoughts About That Pre-order? Nintendo Will Just Keep Your Money

The initial report, which came out back in late 2017, found that only two of the seven digital game stores had decent refund policies. Aside from other issues, such as the visibility of a store’s refund policy, Nintendo was even found to have violated the law by failing to have a policy for canceling pre-orders.

Basically, if you pre-order a game through the eShop, you cannot get a refund – no matter what. Even if the developers make a pre-launch change you don’t like. Even if you lose access to your console for some reason. Nothing at all will get Nintendo to return your money to you.

No pre-order refunds for you. | Source: Nintendo

Norwegian regulators tried to convince them to change this. Normally, you’d expect a company that gave even the slightest crap about their customers to just go and change their policy. Not Nintendo, though. They’ve actually decided to go to court and fight this.


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