Nigerian Blockchain Educator Says Uncertain Regulations and Scams Slow Adoption of Cryptocurrencies – Interview Bitcoin News

With a population of over 200 million, Nigeria is widely regarded as one the biggest crypto markets in the world. Some in the crypto world believe Nigeria is one of the few countries better placed to see a greater acceptance of digital currencies.

However, despite this optimism, the Nigerian crypto industry continues to be plagued by constant hurdles that then complicate mass adoption efforts. Some of the problems faced include an uncertain regulatory environment as well as the proliferation of bitcoin-related scams which often taint the image of cryptocurrencies.

However, according to Tony Emeka, the founder and CEO of Cryptotvplus a Nigerian crypto-focused media organization, some of these challenges can be overcome through education.

Nigeria is very active when it comes to digital currencies and is one of the top countries in Africa in terms of cryptocurrency trade volumes. However, Nigeria’s blockchain and cryptocurrency industry has been dealing with regulatory uncertainty.

In a question and answer session with News, Emeka discusses his latest education project Earnathon and why believes it will make a difference. The CEO also shares his views on the current impasse between the Central Bank of Nigeria and the crypto industry.

To kick things off, Terence Zimwara (TZ) of News asked Emeka to share the background and experiences that motivated him to focus his efforts on crypto education?

Tony Emeka (TE): The Nigerian crypto industry is noted to be one of the largest in the world considering market data. This growth has been due to the bad state of affairs of the nation and a strong enthusiasm by Nigerians to break free and make something for themselves. However, this celebrated growth has only been possible because of education. However, it has not been easy considering negative sentiments towards cryptocurrency as a tool for scams.

Still, with the help of many individuals and business…

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