NGO holds blockchain roundtable | The Myanmar Times

Witness the fast adoption rates of mobile payment platforms, the taxi app Grab, lifestyle apps like Flexible Pass, and campaigns throughout the country for mobile banking and cashless money transfers.

At the same time a revolution outside of the country has been taking shape, in blockchain technology. Not just in terms of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Etherium, but also with the underlying technology itself – the blockchain.

If you’d like to find out more about blockchain technology, and what it means for Myanmar’s fledgling economy, come to “Blockchain Roundtable” discussion this Friday evening – hosted by the tech-focused NGO Phandeeyar.

A blockchain is a series of digital blocks which are stored as a ledger across many devices. Besides recording financial transactions they can store data about prices and dates, geographical locations, personal or company information. As the data is distributed (and not centralised), access is governed by cryptography (security protocol) which also makes it very difficult to manipulate.

At the Blockchain Roundtable attendees will not only learn more about blockchain applications, but also about what role it can play in aiding Myanmar on its path towards development.

“Our main objectives for hosting this event is to raise awareness about blockchain technology, to promote the utilization of blockchain technology to bring about change and development in Myanmar, and to link blockchain with some of the tracks of the Startup Challenge (which we will be hosting at the end of this month),” a spokesperson at Phandeeyar said.

The roudtable will include presentations from local and international experts, including a webinar with Theodor Beutel – a blockchain Governance Specialist at GIZ Blockchain Lab.

Theodor will be joined by Claudia Sosa Lazo, who is the current Senior Product Owner at Wave Money. Lazo previously served as the Product Manager at ConsenSys, a company that builds and…

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