NFTs Come to Live in Uquid Shop as NFTD – Press release Bitcoin News

PRESS RELEASE. Uquid Shop, the largest digital asset eCommerce platform is ready to buy and sell digital art, Social & Digital Content, Copyright Products, and Digitals Products involving non-fungible tokens(NFT). Uquid non-fungible tokens are known as NFTD.

Scheduled to take place in 2021, the Uquid NFTD project will be the first in the field of NFTs, where users can give a unique identity and list their Gaming streams, TikTok video content, Youtubers videos, Music Cd’s and Records and copyright contents and sell it. In a Uquid shop with a merge of NFT to an eCommerce store, it will be easy to buy or sell assets.

How is it Useful?

NFTD is a type of cryptographic token that represents a unique asset and these are the tokenized versions of digital or real-world assets. They function as verifiable proofs of authenticity and ownership within a blockchain network. NFTs are not interchangeable with each other and introduce scarcity to the digital world.

“NFTD is a smart NFT supermarket system for digitals products. In this smart shopping system, the sellers and each product they sell are identified as a unique tokenID. Once the transaction is completed, the buyer’s ownership will be confirmed immediately. “

NFTD token Information – Binance Smart Chain

NFTD Protocol is fueled by Uquid. This is a utility token on Binance Smart Chain.

Some of the Important Benefits of the Binance Smart Chain include:

  • Cheap transaction fees that reach as low as 1 cent.
  • High performance with a network capable of producing a block every 3 seconds.
  • A network of major crypto projects already collaborating with BSC.

Why is the NFTD necessary?

Currently buying on online shopping systems. the seller only ships the product directly to the buyer but does not give clear proof of ownership of the product. Sometimes this reduces the value of the goods if the buyer later wants to sell them to someone else. With NFTD this issue is…

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