NFL star Russell Okung talks about his Bitcoin love and Fold crypto card

The famous NFL star Russell Okung has proclaimed his love for Bitcoin. It seems that crypto and sports stars are destined for each other. Respecting the spirit of this combination, Russell Okung of the Carolina Panthers has openly declared his love for crypto. The master of offensive tackle says he is in love with Bitcoin due to the potential it holds.

Ever since Russell wrote a tweet in 2019 that said ‘Pay me in Bitcoin,’ his love for cryptocurrencies and digital assets has grown considerably. Subsequently, his digital asset portfolio has grown since last year.

Russell Okung truly believes in Bitcoin and digital economy

Famous NFL star Russell Okung put his money in a firm named Fold. It is working on a crypto-based debit card in partnership with Visa. Russell Okung believes that the Fold will bring virtual assets into the realm of everyday finance. He adds that BTC has the potential to empower the general masses as it gives them more control over their asset’s value.

Companies such as Fold, he says, help new crypto entrants become familiar with digital and crypto-assets. Fold Visa adds a whole new perspective to the crypto economy by helping Bitcoin rookies join the crypto bandwagon without taking any significant risks. They can avoid huge financial risks associated with the crypto industry and still enter the Bitcoin investing realm.

Sports and crypto are in love with each other

The crypto-sports love journey started back in 2014. Famous National Football League team, the Sacramento Kings, introduced Bitcoin as a payment option for buying tickets and merchandise. The trend caught on and soon other teams, including Dallas Mavericks, went the crypto way.

Now, sports stars are promoting crypto like never before. Big names like Russell Okung believe that crypto will revolutionize the financial industry. People are going to have more power in their currency as it will be free from centralized influence.

Russell says that the average person doesn’t bother much…

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