Next-Gen AMD Radeon Navi (RDNA 2) Series GPUs New Leaks

AMD Radeon “Big Navi” Latest Leaks and Rumors

When AMD came out with their latest series of gaming GPUs NVIDIA was not able to compete at all and then NVIDIA struck back with their RTX SUPER GPU series and this caused AMD to once again become the underdog in the GPU market. One of the biggest issues with AMD’s 7nm GPU series was the fact that it did not target the high-end GPU market it was only targeting the mid-range market and then when the NVIDIA RTX SUPER GPU series was out AMD couldn’t really compete anymore. Well, now it seems like AMD is coming back stronger with their next-gen Navi GPUs.

AMD Navi Rumored Release Date and Price

AMD “Big Navi” has been rumored to come out for a long time now as it was rumored to be the high-end Navi GPU that is finally going to bring AMD back to the high-end market and give options to those who would like to purchase a GPU which costs more than $450. According to AMD themselves, they expect to release the next AMD Navi GPU by the end of 2020. At first, it was rumored that AMD is going to release Big Navi at Computex but, as you may know, it has been pushed back due to COVID-19 so, we may get an online press release from AMD announcing AMD “Big Navi” in the next few months just like other tech companies such as Apple have done. 

Right now we don’t have a lot of information on pricing but, it is rumored that AMD “Big Navi” may come out at a price point a few hundred Dollars below the RTX 2080 Ti but, with the same level of performance. A more likely situation is a GPU with the same price point as the RTX 2080 Ti but better performance as if NVIDIA is forced to lower their RTX GPU series prices, AMD will have to lower their GPU prices as well.

AMD Navi Specs and Performance

We don’t have a lot of information about AMD Navi’s performance but, thanks to rumors and AMD themselves we know that this AMD GPU is going to be the most powerful gaming GPU as AMD says it will offer…

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