New Xbox Gamer-Friendly Policy Schools Greedy Publishers & the PS5

  • A new report reveals developers have been told they can’t charge players to upgrade their Xbox One versions to Xbox Series X as DLC.
  • This player-friendly move should protect the integrity of the Xbox Series X Smart Delivery feature.
  • The decision could damage publisher plans and the PS5, which does not offer a similar upgrade feature.

Sources speaking to Video Games Chronicle have revealed that Microsoft has told companies not to charge players for Xbox Series X upgrades of cross-generation games.

If a player has purchased a game on Xbox One then they should not also have to pay for the game on Xbox Series X – even if a publisher tries to market the upgrade as a DLC.

Publishers and developers have the option to use Xbox’s Smart Delivery or do their own thing, which is what EA plans to do with Madden NFL 21.

Another option is to sell dual game bundles with Xbox One and Xbox Series X versions or offer a discount on a next-gen upgrade to current-gen owners. The report said that publishers and developers are “encouraged” to provide the upgrade for free.

Xbox Series X Could Be the Most Player-Friendly Next-Gen Consoles

The information in the report has not been officially confirmed by Xbox but suggests that the Xbox Series X will be the most player-friendly next-gen games console. In comparison, the PS5 may not have a formal Smart Delivery feature and will allow publishers and developers to decide themselves.

Some cross-generation and multi-platform games, such as Cyberpunk 2077, will have free PS5 upgrades. The lack of a formal feature means that companies could potentially charge for PS5 upgrades while making them free on Xbox Series X.

Smart Delivery, Lockhart, Makes Next-Gen More Affordable

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