New Steam Feature Targets Your Bloated Game Library – But It Needs Work

  • Steam just got a new feature called ‘play next’ that makes it easier to find games similar to others that you’ve played.
  • The feature recommends games that a user owns but has never played before, helping to clear out some backlog.
  • While the new feature is great, there are a few things that could do with some tweaking.

Steam is a great service. It was the first online storefront to really find great success. It’s no shock why. It makes the process of buying and owning PC games really darn convenient.

The only issue with it is that it works too well. These days most PC gamers have steam libraries containing hundreds, if not thousands of games. Remembering which games you’ve not played yet can be a headache.

Third-party applications have existed for a while that try to fill in that gap. But now, Steam finally comes with one built-in; the ‘play next’ feature.

While the feature is pretty great, some of the recommendations were a bit off. | Source: CCN/Steam

Steam Now Helps You Decide What to Play Next

The new feature is called ‘play next’ and was created via Steam Labs. Now when you log into an up-to-date version of Steam you’ll be greeted by a new section on the homepage.

Based on the games you’ve previously played and enjoyed, Steam will now recommend a new game that you own but haven’t played yet. Which should make it a whole lot easier for you to finally clear your backlog.

The new feature is great and really streamlines the Steam experience. But, it also could use a few tweaks here or there to make it truly spectacular.

While the slimline version of ‘play next’ is great and easily accessible, it’d be better if access to the full version was a little easier. | Source: CCN/Steam

There Are a Couple of Tweaks the System Could Use

While Steam’s new feature is great, it could use a little tweaking here or there.

Firstly, the recommendations don’t always make sense. Like the time that Harvester was recommended based on having played…

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