New Joint MilCoin & RFCoin Provides Cryptocurrency Investors Unprecedented Arbitrage Opportunity

Hard Asset Coins will be Backed by Millions of Hectares of Pristine, Ultra-Developable Real Estate and Land for Preservation; $30 Million (USD) MilCoin & RFCoin ICOs will Fund Open-Ended Financial Instruments Offering on Capital Markets

MEXICO CITY, Sept. 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via CryptoCurrencyWire — LatAm OceanRE Ltd. and MilCoin – RFCoin Network ( / announce the launch of MilCoin & RFCoin Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Proceeds of the ICOs will support the implementation of a capital markets initiative to fund the acquisition of millions of hectares of pristine land located along 1,000s of kilometers of coastline, for preservation and development purposes.

LatAm OceanRE is the first company in history to combine blockchain technologies, the most disruptive and revolutionary investment medium, with the two most progressive investment developments of the past: real estate and the stock market.

The Property

The majority of the property portfolio is beachfront land along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean, Sea of Cortez, and the Caribbean Sea primarily located in Mexico, as well as in Columbia, Belize and Jamaica. The portfolio includes income-producing properties such as resorts and hotels in popular tourist destinations. A portion of land identified as rainforest with “last stand” refuges for endangered animal and plant species will be protected and preserved.

The greater scope of development includes operational and income-producing properties, including hotels, resorts, apartments, office complexes, agricultural land with fruits and vegetables, aquaculture, and mining precious metals. These metals and minerals include copper, iron, gold, silver, cement, limestone, slate rock, sand, onyx, gravel, granite and marble, among other valuable resources.

How to Invest

To acquire RainForest Coins (RFC) backed by land deeded for preservation, investors can visit

Milcoins (MIL) backed by oceanside and…

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