New Innosilicon Terminator3 (T3) Bitcoin ASIC Miner to Challenge Bitmain

Bitmain has been targeted by critics around its IPO, its miners and the revenue it’s making. And indeed, investors are uncertain about the future of the company. However, there are other companies developing new interesting and powerful products.

This is the case of Innosilicon, Bitmain’s competitor. It claims that it has a new ASIC miner for bitcoin that would outperform any other hardware in many different fields. For example, it will be faster, more profitable and more efficient than any other hardware in the market.

An Innosilicon representative said that the next ASIC miner that the company is developing has been planned since February 2018. The new mining hardware will be known as the Terminator3 (T3).

The company was founded in 2006 and it works in the technological field creating different IP and IT hardware. Innosilicon has been working in different ASIC miners and has decided to create ASIC miners for Litecoin, Zcash, Decred and Dash.

Innosilicon is expecting to launch its T3 mining device at the end of 2018, specifically in December. This would already be the third generation of Bitcoin miners that the company releases to the market.

The Innosilicon source commented:

“We experiment with many different recipes and options in the T2 Turbo to learn the optimal points of the process and circuit architecture. So there’s a combination of improvements to circuit architecture and process options for the T3.”

According to the company, the latest devices consume just 44 watts of power per tera hash. That means that it could become the most energy-efficient miner. Unfortunately, the source did not explain whether the miners would feature an 8 or 10 nanometer chip. The specs will be revealed before shipment.

The company explains that the T3 would be the ‘only ASIC design in the world’ that would be operating at approximately 0.35 volts. Companies such as Apple and Intel have created processing chips that run at 0.6 volts.

Moreover, the T3 hashrate will…

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