New ICON TX (Transaction) Challenge to Launch as a ICX Blockchain Development Contest

New ICON TX (Transaction) Challenge to Launch as a ICX Blockchain Development Contest

The ICON Foundation has announced an ICX Transaction challenge. Here are the details of the challenge as presented in the announcement.

The ICON TX (Transaction) Challenge is a blockchain development contest that enables participants to compete for a prize pool of 1 million ICX. The contest begins on June 3rd, so start preparing!

The challenge is in the form of a competition where participants create their own decentralized applications or websites. Anyone can participate, including future blockchain developers, university students, and those who have ideas that they seek to implement on the blockchain.

As for operating costs and technical support for participants, the announcement indicates that the ICON Team plans to provide for those costs. The competition will go from June 3rd to July 31st. The announcement indicates that to participate in the contest:

“smart contracts that can generate transactions should be completed in advance.”

Once the user completes production and verification of a Smart Contract on Reliable Environment, ICON’s smart contract development environment, users can apply for participation by developing a website utilizing the score or a DApp.

Confirmed teams will be able to take part after the application process. They will receive 200 ICX each as a prize for participating and also another reward of 0.01 ICX per 1TX for transactions that occur during the SCORE and contest.

The TRON team will also select six teams per the evaluation standards. The standards include completeness, business value, technicality, and blockchain utility. Winning teams will receive an award of 50,000 ICX each.

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