New Braiins BOSminer software boosts mining pool security and efficiency

The new Braiins BOSminer software update delivers more security and higher operating efficiency of mining pools. The BOSminer software suite is the Stratum V2 protocol personified. The new software integration from Braiins, the Slush Pool founder team, promises to significantly increase the performance and efficiency of mining pools across the board.

Mining pools are the perfect alternative to the expensive bitcoin mining hardware. Most miners cannot possibly afford the highly expensive mining equipment such as Bitmain Antminer, Halong, etc. Thus, they resort to joining mining pools instead of solo adventures that may cost a lot. Naturally, developments such as Braiins BOSminer software update brings a smile on the miner’s faces.

New Braiins BOSminer software promises a whole new mining experience

Stratum protocol allows miners to connect to the various BTC mining pools. However, miners often face myriad issues while using Stratum. Low levels of security and reduced efficiency are some key bottlenecks that miners complain about Stratum. All this is about to change as the Stratum V2 promises to resolve all these concerns.

However, Stratum, the pooled Bitcoin (BTC) mining protocol that makes it possible for bitcoin miners to easily connect to mining pools, faces various bottlenecks, including security and reduced efficiency. Braiins has now rolled out Stratum V2 in a bid to address these problems. Jan Capek of Braiins says that the latest Stratum V2 is all about upgraded security standards and high operating efficiency.

Decentralized BTC mining is the future

Besides improving the efficiency and safety features, the Stratum V2…

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