Never Miss the Next Opportunity on Bitcoin

Every Bitcoin maximalist knew it will happen. Nobody knew when. On what was Friday evening and Saturday morning in most of the places on Earth, BTCUSD skyrocketed from around $7,450 to around $10,400 in just a few hours.

While big whales were playing their game, small individuals could benefit as well. All you had to do was to keep an eye on cryptocurrency markets and have a mobile trading app loaded and ready in your pocket. If you need a great tool to execute your strategy when the right time comes, SimpleFX WebTrader – one of the fastest-growing mobile trading platforms globally –  is the right choice.

Once the news came, you didn’t have to risk much. It all started with the Chinese President Xi Jiping stated that China has to “seize the opportunity” brought in by the blockchain technology. The country has been skeptical about the cryptocurrency and rather pushed in the way of restrictions of its development.

If you knew the context of Xi Jiping’s statement, you’d see the opportunity for a bullish charge. So far China was not only the place where some semi-legal crypto mining took place. Over 500 government blockchain projects have been launched since march. This declaration by the global superpower looked like a clear trigger.

It was enough to open a long position on BTCUSD at $7,450. With SimpleFX WebTrader you can plan ahead and do analysis on your desktop using handy drawing tools, and later execute your strategy on your mobile with the same app.

SimpleFX WebTrader is designed to work on every screen. From the smallest iPhone 5 smartphones, through big mobile screens, tablets, laptops, and desktops. The trading app adjusts to every device giving the best experience. 

Great UX and UI are essential as every second is worth tens or even hundreds of dollars. You want to enter the market at exactly the right point.

What’s next with Bitcoin? Well, in the next two months BTCUSD can attack the $13,800 resistance level. On the bearish side, it may as…

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