Nestle to pilot new tech on dairy in New Zealand

OpenSC is a blockchain-enabled food tracking platform, and is a collaborative development between WWF-Australia and BCG Digital Ventures.

The initial pilot will see Nestle tracing its milk sourced from farms in New Zealand across its journey to the company’s relevant warehouses and factories in the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East

“We will trace the milk through its different forms, from liquid fresh milk at the farm in New Zealand through to our powdered milk facilities in the Middle East,”​ a Nestle spokeswoman told FoodNavigator-Asia.    

In addition to this initial pilot, a later one will involve palm oil sourced from the Americas.

Responding to queries about the reasoning behind choosing this palm oil source as opposed to the company’s largest palm oil suppliers in Malaysia and Indonesia, she explained that: We decided to start at a small scale to assess the new technology before taking the decision to expand further.”

Although Nestle remained coy on revealing further information about possible future test sites in the Asia Pacific region, the spokeswoman clarified that the aim of these pilots was to ‘help us assess the feasibility, viability and scalability of the open technology’​.

Nestle Executive Vice President, Head of Operations Magdi Batato added that: “[Nestle wants to help] consumers make informed decisions on their choice of products [and ensure they know they are choosing] products produced responsibly. Open blockchain technology might allow us to share [this] reliable information with consumers.”

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